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Changchun International Ceramics Gallery (hereinafter referred to as the Ceramics Gallery)was founded in July, 2015. It is a cultural unit for public welfare that opens to the public.The Ceramics Gallery  with the main theme being ceramic art, the gallery includes exhibition section, creation section, ceramic experience section, firing section, academic lecture hall, training rooms and the administrative section. Each section has a specific function and is equipped with professional facilities accordingly, and a well connected with each other and forming a perfect integrity.

At present,under the Management Committee of Changchun Lotus Mountain Ecological Tourism Resort, the Ceramics Gallery is the only comprehensive ceramic base in Northeast China that focuses on displaying works of art by ceramists from China and abroad, provides ceramic education, and organizes academic forum.

Since 2011, Changchun has held 8 sessions of the China Changchun International Ceramics Works Symposium (International Ceramics Competition). With the careful planning, organization and execution, the ceramic exhibition has consistently been very successful. At present, the Ceramics Gallery has collected more than 800 works created by more than 220 artists from 51 countries and regions in five continents.


These works are ingenious in conception, novel in idea, distinct in style and skillful in technique. They showcase the contemporary level of ceramic art creation, and manifest the artistic concepts, traditions, styles and schools of different civilizations in the East and the West. The gallery could be called a garden of modern international ceramic art.

The exhibition in the Ceramics Gallery consists of four parts, including the newly created ceramic works (works of the year), the Chinese and foreign ceramic masterpieces (modeling category), the ceramic works (utensils category) and the specially themed ceramic works (Ukraine theme). It displays the works of art from more than 50 countries of the world and the various utensils used throughout different eras of China.

While highlighting “masterpieces” and “international works”, the Ceramics Gallery also pays great attention to collecting works  of famous kilns in Chinese history(porcelain pieces),as well as repairing, sorting and mounting valuable historical works, so that the vibrant culture of China can be experienced. The theoretical research and academic forum activities of ceramic art are also regularly organized to better understand the international frontier trends and developments in ceramic works, and to put new theories into practice in order to continue developing the art of modern ceramic making.

The Ceramics Gallery undertakes the task of ceramic art training for art teachers from primary and secondary schools in the city of Changchun. Since 2016, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and with the cooperation of the Municipal Education Department, more than 400 provincial and municipal primary and secondary school teachers and researchers has been trained here through nine training sessions which have taken place over the last four years. This has laid a solid foundation for more teachers to offer ceramics courses in primary and secondary schools in the future.

The Ceramics Gallery also cooperates with local colleges and universities to arrange teachers and students majoring in the arts to provide internship and special activities for the public. Many of these opportunities are for teenagers and aim to promote traditional culture, improve the quality of art and cultivating practical skills. Over the past few years, more than 1300 primary and secondary school students have come to the Ceramics Gallery to experience these activities in 60 batches (Times). Through the "ceramic experience", the children learn new knowledge, gain new skills and exercise their creativity.

Since its opening to the public, the Ceramic Gallery attracts many ceramic lovers and citizens every day. They come here to appreciate, discuss, learn about and make pottery, and leave with a better understanding of excellent traditional culture and a greater sense of national pride, so as to gain the promotion of personality and taste, as well as the pleasure of soul and emotion.

Leaders give great importance to the construction and development of the Ceramics Gallery, which has also gained concern and support from citizens from all parts of society. As a result, there is a strong driving force for the development of Ceramics Gallery. Under the leadership of the Lotus Mountain Management Committee, the Ceramics Gallery is reaching new heights and with aspirations to go even higher.

In October, 2019, the Ceramics Gallery applied to join the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) of UNESCO, which was approved by the Council of IAC, and it became a formal group member. This indicates that the Ceramics Gallery has taken a solid step forward on the road of internationalization. It also means that the working standards, vision, concept and subsequence decisions made by the Ceramics Gallery should be reworked and improved. The Ceramics Gallery will continue to work to become even more integrated with the world and be an important window into Chinese and world culture. In this way, more cultural exchanges and mutual friendships will be made.

Today, the Ceramics Gallery is facing unprecedented opportunities for development. It will further integrate into the international community, expand international cooperation and increase international influence. It is predicted that in the new round of reform and opening up, the Ceramic Gallery will make even greater contributions to boost the development of the Lotus Mountain Resort and Changchun cultural tourism as well as increase cultural exchanges and mutual cooperation with other countries all over the world.


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