Loving Life, Desiring for Knowledge, and Pursuing Light
—The Ceramic Work The Embrace
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Loving Life,

Desiring for Knowledge, 

and Pursuing Light

— The Ceramic Work The Embrace 

The Embrace is a work created by Italian ceramist Paola Grizi for the 10th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium in 2021.

The work is made of clay and has dimensions of 41.0×32.0×66.0cm. It portrays an image of an intellectual woman who is embracing infatuatedly against the background of books. This vivid picture shows the human beings’ beautiful emotions and desires of loving life, desiring for knowledge, and pursuing light.

Embrace is an act of expressing thoughts and emotions between people. Its implications are quite rich, including the reunion after a long separation, intimacy and friendship, wishing and praying, comfort and encouragement. Especially, for the embrace between the opposite genders or between the elders and children,  it is more of a special kind of emotion and meaning.

In this work, who or what the woman embraces is not specified, but leaves the reader with unlimited imagination.


She is embracing the life. Life is a prerequisite for maintaining human reproduction and achieving certain goals. There is no doubt that human beings should love life, cherish life, be a useful person, and contribute themselves to the civilization and happiness of all mankind.

She is embracing the nature. Nature is the only environment where human beings and all things on the earth coexist. Nature has nurtured mankind, and man should not be ungrateful and destroy nature; on the contrary, we should return to our original nature, cherish and protect the nature more.

She is embracing the peace. Peace is the prerequisite and guarantee for human survival and the common goal pursued by human society. It’s hard to imagine how a world where wars are frequent and people have little livelihood will develop.

She is embracing the knowledge. Knowledge is science. It is the advanced thoughts, viewpoints, notions and laws of mankind. It is also the summary of the successes and failures of predecessors. Only by desperately sucking the milk of knowledge and arming the mind with knowledge can one be invincible.

She is embracing tomorrow. Mankind has ideals and pursuits, and tomorrow is mankind's goal and hope. Only with the vision of tomorrow in mind can she yearn for and chase a better day and be motivated to move forward and overcome difficulties.

In short, embrace is not only a kind of intimate contact, but also a kind of love, an obsession, an impulse, and a pursuit. Only if you sincerely understand, respect, love, and are passionate about her will you embrace her desperately!

 As for the means of artistic expression, Paola Grizi adopts a combination of realism and romanticism, boldly conceives, and associates reality with fiction. The woman in her work is young, gentle, intellectual, and focused and is delicately shaped, exquisitely crafted, and expressive, revealing what the theme “embrace” is and arousing people’s imagination.

Paola Grizi is an Italian ceramist. She was born in a family of traditional art and received a good art education from an early age. She received a first-class honors degree in Italian literature. She is engaged in ceramic creation and has her own studio in Rome. Her works have been exhibited in Rome, Venice, Florence, Spain, China, etc., and won awards for excellence.