Appreciation of Works by America Ceramicist Eric Serritella the 10th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium
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Work Ⅰ:<Totem>


Introduction:Trees are a totem, or spiritual symbol, of endurance in both the East and the West. Through aging and decay, the sculpture explores how nature maintains its splendors with tenacity and triumphs of existence, despite human disregard. It represents how both ceramic and trees are mirrors of the environment’s fragility and durability—easily damaged if disrespected and yet invincible in their inherent beauty and longevity.


Work Ⅱ:< Paper Birch Basket>

Size: 12×33×18cm

Introduction:Paper Birch basket is influenced by the tradition of Native American cultures of using birch and other trees to create vessels and baskets for daily use. Detailed in a hyper-realistic surface, the basket is also derivative of Chinese culture and the tradition of carving Yixing teapot to look like pumpkins, gourds and trees in appreciation of nature and its roles in daily life and use as utilitarian items. The basket is a blend of both Eastern and Western traditions of utilizing what nature provides.


Work Ⅲ:<Pine Bark Tea Bowl>


Introduction:Pine Bark Tea Bowl honors the Chinese Yixing teapot tradition begun in the 1600s of using organic forms and references to integrate nature into the tea ceremony. A tea bowl epitomizes the tea drinking experience as the vessel that brings the fragrant brew to one’s nose and mouth. Sharing tea is part of sharing friendship and socialization in both Eastern and Western cultures. We share tea amongst friends, acquaintances and colleagues as we communicate and tell stories. We look for guidance and answers in the bowl of a tea vessel as we look for the spirit within ourselves.