Gao Yang
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Mr Gao Yanggraduated from Northeast Normal University Fine Arts (Sculpture) Bachelor's Degree.Now he teaches art and pottery in Shanghai Hurd Bilingual School.


In 2009, participated in shuangyang International Sculpture Invitational Exhibition held in Changchun and served as the assistant of German sculptor.


In 2010, participated in the International Sculpture Invitational Exhibition of Automobile Development Zone held in Changchun and served as the assistant of a Zambian sculptor


In 2012, I participated in the invitational Exhibition of excellent Sculptures of College Students held in Foshan, Guangdong


In 2012, participated in The Vientiane International Woodcarving Art Festival in Heilongjiang, China.


In 2012, ‘Embracing each other -- Embracing each other’ was selected in the first Foshan, China international Urban Sculpture Competition


The work<Embracing each other -- Embracing each other>


In 2013, he participated in the design sculpture competition held by The Aesthetic Society of Jilin Province and won the third prize in the student group


In 2013, Xin Shang participated in the third College Students' Public Visual Art Competition in Shanghai and won the New Talent Award, which was collected by Shanghai Putuo District People's Government.


The work:<Xin Shang>

In 2014, the snow sculpture Shaman won the bronze Prize in the first National Snow Sculpture Invitational Competition in Jingyuetan

In 2013, I participated in the third College Student Public Visual Art Competition held in Shanghai and won the New Talent Award

In 2019, the Kangba Family was selected for the sixth Western China Ceramics Biennale


The work:<The Kangba Family >

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