Zhao Lin
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Graduated from the Ceramic Art and Design Departmental, South China University of Technology

Teacher of Ceramic Art Major in Guangdong Vocational and Technical College.

Has also taught at Guangzhou University and Foshan University of Science and Technology

Member of Guangdong Artists Association

President of Shiwan Ceramic Art Society

Signing artist of Art Institute of Foshan

Vice President of Alumni Association of Nanhai District of South China University of Technology

Records of Exhibiting and Award

November 2007: Gold Medal of the 2nd Guangdong Ceramic Art and Design Innovation Competition

June 2009: Excellence Award of the "Tao Lei Youth, the First National College Students Ceramic Art Competition"

July 2010: First prize of "2010 China's Third Biennial Exhibition of Rising Pottery Works"

December 2012: Attended the China's First Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition

October 2013: Silver Medal of Foshan "New Potter's Dream" in the Ceramic Art Competition

October 2013: Nomination Award of China Gaolin International Ceramics Competition

November 2013: Zhaos work won the Bronze Award of Foshan Innovation Mayor Award

October 2014: Attended the 12th National Art Exhibition

May 2015: Invited to participate in the "East Asia-International Ceramic Art Camp" in Yuzhou, Henan China

August 2015: Excellence Award of Foshan "Liu Chuan Cup" Ceramic Art Competition

May 2015: Excellent Award of National Ceramic Art Exhibition

December 2015: Held the "You Mu Cheng Huai" Solo Exhibition by Zhao's works

November 2017: Won the Opening Prize" of the 5th Western China Ceramic Biennale

December 2018:First Prize of Shanxi Art the First Contemporary Ceramics Invitational Exhibition 2018

February 2019: Bronze Award of the 3rd "CHINA China Ceramic Art Design Exhibition"

August 2019: Bronze Award of the 8th  China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium and the 1st "Yatai-Lotus Mountain Prize" International Ceramics Contest .


Guangdong Shiwan Ceramic Museum, Foshan City Government, Foshan Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication Bureau, Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum, Ruzhou City Government, Changsha Li Zijian Art Museum, Changchun International Ceramics Gallery, Zhengzhou Sculptor Association